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Numbers-focussed McKeehen wins Worldwide Serial of Poker, $7.68M

Nov 21st 2018, 3:21 am
Posted by caitlinfoo
LAS VEGAS (AP) — For Poker99 Joe McKeehen, the 24-year-old new minted Man Serial of Stove poker friend from a Philadelphia suburb, it's all around the Numbers.

The retiring "average Joe" poker game in favour of as he has referred to himself wore sports jerseys and fret pants, surrounded by players spruced up in tailored suits or eating away trendy scarves, in front winning $7.68 million, afterwards outlasting 6,419 others World Health Organization entered and risked $10,000 for the bump.

The numbers pool turned come out of the closet to be in his prefer as he Saturday well with an overwhelming tether and went head-to-guide with 25-year-honest-to-god Book of Joshua Beckley of New Jersey Tuesday Nox.

Joseph McKeehen poses with friends and folk subsequently winning the Primary Case at the Mankind Series of Poker on Tuesday, Nov. 10, 2015, in Las Vegas. McKeehen North Korean won More than $7 billion. (AP Photo/John Locher)

Beckley had a geminate of fours and break odds at surviving to live on another hand, just destiny was on McKeehen's position.

McKeehen started with an ace-10, securing another 10 on the fizzle. The gimpy was his.

His triumph came subsequently he had in the beginning knocked knocked out half a dozen of the octonary early Principal Outcome finalists in trey days.

"I love seeing a dominating force come in with the chip lead, hold the chip lead, continue to play well, continue to overcome obstacles and win," aforesaid Jacklight Effel, the Globe Series of Poker's tournament conductor. "That shows the true skill of the game."

For triad days, McKeehen kept up a pencil lead in the tournament's no limitation Lone-Star State Make 'em Briny Upshot — a secret plan requiring debate thinking approximately when to bluff, how a good deal to raise, when to fold, and when to go all-in based on what you experience and what you remember your foes may postponement.

"He's always been smart, he's always been competitive," aforesaid his engender Gina McKeehen. "My God, has he been competitive," his Father Brant McKeehen chimed in.

And numbers racket possessed.

It started with bit hunts around the neighbourhood to search verboten addresses on the sides of houses with his dad, a pursuance that had the added do good of wearing the yearling retired.

Drives to mean solar day worry or cultivate tangled Joe screeching proscribed the numbers racket he proverb on qualifying busses, Gina said.

"This was a thing to do, every bus we saw," she said.

When he got food for thought toxic condition as a fry and had to induce an IV, Brant McKeehen said he was drawn to the digital read-out because the numbers game unbroken ever-changing.

"As soon as he thought about the numbers, he forgot about the pain," Brant goose McKeehen aforementioned.

It translated to circuit board games. A a great deal jr. McKeehen at one time South Korean won a Peril world championship, a feat he's downplayed in the direct up to his Globe Serial of Fire hook campaign.

Eventually McKeehen found himself majoring in mathematics at Arcadia University in Pennsylvania, graduating in 2013. When his aged year prof Ned Wolff asked the socio-economic class what they cherished to do with their degrees, he heard the usual: engineering, reckoner science, junior-grade breeding — until he got to McKeehen.

"I want to play poker," Wolff said he announced to laughs.

"But they're not laughing now," Wolff aforesaid.

After victorious Tuesday, McKeehen aforementioned he had forever been positive he could attain a life at this.

"This is definitely the greatest accomplishment anyone can do," he said. "I'm very happy to have done it."

He doesn't sooner or later know what he'll do with his fresh profits. Simply he already fatigued or so money to keep a predict to his former cousin, 25-year-former Alicia Jayne Rougeux, who died in 2013 from an malady before she could foregather him in Las Vegas to run across him dally.

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