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Okinawa houses more than half the U.S

Yesterday, 8:16 am
Posted by bradlyp072
TOKYO A U.S. Marine was arrested Friday on trespassing charges in Japan's southwestern island of Okinawa, where public outrage is growing against the American military following a rape that was allegedly committed by servicemen.

Anibal Antonio Barraza-Ortiz, 27, a Marine corporal assigned to Camp Hansen base, is suspected of having entered the veranda of an apartment in Naha city and was arrested in a drunken state early Friday on a nearby rooftop, police said. No hometown was given.

"We will fully cooperate with authorities in their investigation," U.S. Forces Japan spokesman Lt. Col. David Honchul said.

Okinawa houses more than half the U.S. troops in Japan under a bilateral security alliance. After the October rape, an 11 p.m.-to-5 a.m. curfew was set for all military personnel in Japan, 보령출장마사지 and they are not allowed to buy or consume alcohol off-base.

Anger in Okinawa is also growing against a new kind of aircraft assigned there, the Osprey. The military says it is safe, but people are worried the U.S. hybrid aircraft with tilting rotors may be prone to crashes.

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