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But there's no question there is some serious substance to this man of style

Yesterday, 2:20 pm
Posted by clarkrount
(CBS) CBS News royals contributor Victoria Arbiter, reporting from London, will be giving CBSNews.com readers daily updates on plans for the April 29 royal wedding.

While the royal spotlight has been firmly on Prince William over the last few months, his brother, Prince Harry, has definitely made some headlines of his own this week by joining four British servicemen - all of whom were injured in Afghanistan - on an Arctic trek to the North Pole.

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Harry is patron of Walking with the Wounded, a charity tasked with raising money to aid and rehabilitate disabled soldiers. When the organization requested his patronage, I doubt they imagined he'd be quite so hands-on, but talk about the ultimate morale boost!

In between his duties as best man for his brother's wedding and training to fly Apache helicopters, Harry is taking time out to support the soldiers who have so bravely volunteered for the ultimate endurance test in the hopes that they will raise $3 million in the process.

Of course we know that the girls are all giddy for Harry. The Harry Hunters - or Throne Rangers as they've been nicknamed - are already barreling into town in the hopes that the most eligible royal stud muffin will make them his princess.

I'd venture to say there's no shortage of guys who'd love to be his best friend, too. It's fair to say that everyone sees Harry as a cheeky, charming chappie who's living his life to the fullest and anyone who's anyone would love to be in his gang. While Harry can party with the best of them, underneath it all he has a heart of gold and the monarchy is all the better for 토토사이트추천 his rambunctious spirit and wicked sense of humor.

For Harry and his teammates, the trek to the Pole will be no pleasure cruise. Temperatures are expected to drop to minus 60 degrees. Still, the prince seems undaunted. Upon embarking on his first day of Arctic training, he suited up in an immersion survival suit and dive-bombed into the Arctic Ocean. It was a relief to see him bob up again, as I know water of that temperature would have given me an instant heart attack.

He will set off on the first leg of the 200-mile journey to the Pole and although he can only be with the expedition until next Tuesday, there's no doubt his presence will make an immeasurable impact. While the experts give the wounded soldiers only a 40-60 percent chance of making it to their final destination, I'd bet anything that they'll struggle on until they make it all the way, if only in the name of Harry.

Fun-loving playboy? Sure. But there's no question there is some serious substance to this man of style. Diana would have been proud.

Until next time, royalphiles, keep calm and carry on.

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